Entertainment Experts to Lead Discussions at ASU’s ‘Career Symposium'

stacy milner
Event date
Nov 08,2018
Event Time range
01:00 pm - 03:30 pm

Hollywood insider Stacy Milner, former executive with NBC and Paramount Studios, returns to Alabama State University on Thursday, Nov. 8, to provide ASU students insight into the rapidly evolving world of music and entertainment media during the University’s second annual “Entertainment Industry Career Symposium,” which is from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at the John Garrick Hardy Student Center.

Milner’s topic is “Navigating a Career in the Entertainment Industry,” a behind-the-scenes, high-definition look at what it takes to land a job and succeed in a career in the entertainment industry.

The symposium’s goal is to help all universities, including HBCUs such as Alabama State University, and community colleges and students from all majors said Tommie Stewart, dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

“The symposium is designed to be a productive dialogue between participants and industry professionals on what it takes to build a successful career in this creative economy,” Stewart said. “Hopefully, the symposium also will help those who take the entrepreneurial path and start their own business.”

Participants will hear from established record, publishing, management and production representatives from BET, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, Live Nations and HBCU/LA Internship Program, which partners with Disney, CNN, ABC, HBO, CBS, DreamWorks Animation, BET and Comcast.

“ASU is the hub or home for HBCU/LA for the state of Alabama,” Stewart said. “Because of that, I’m a leader for a consortium to create a workforce development platform for the entertainment industry. There is not one set up here.”

Milner, an author and lecturer, represents the “Washington, D.C. Initiative” and the “HBCU/LA Internship Program” She is the founder of the Entertainment Industry College Outreach program, as well as the HBCU Pipeline Initiative, which helps increase representation of minorities in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

The event is free and open to the public, but preregistration is required. To register, visit https://goo.gl/uDOXgr

The event is sponsored by ASU’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, Center of Excellence and the Alabama Consortium on Creative and Performing Arts.

For information on the symposium, call the College of Visual and Performing Arts at 2334-229-6755.