All courses are 3 credit hours

Core Courses

SED 500 The Exceptional Students in Inclusive Schools

This course focuses on characteristics of exceptional students and students from diverse backgrounds in inclusive settings. It addresses (1) background knowledge of special education as well as current knowledge on disabilities and attitudes, (2) the impact of legislation on services for exceptional students, and how to adapt and/or modify instructional approaches for teaching exceptional and diverse students in general classes. (Formerly SED 574)

EDU 511 Statistical Techniques, Research & Evaluation

This course deals with applications of the evaluation and measurement processes; fundamental principles of tests and measurement with an emphasis on practical applications in the classroom; and evaluation of teaching, learning and research in education.

EDU 527 Human Development and Behavior

This course introduces students to human development in the physical, social, emotional, moral, speech/language, and cognitive domains including contributions of important theorists; major progressions in each developmental domain and the ranges of individual variation within each domain; and the impact of students’ physical, social, emotional, moral, and cognitive development on their learning and how to address these factors when making instructional decisions.

EDU 531 Modern Issues in Education

This course familiarizes students with philosophical issues pertaining to K-12; issues, challenges, and opportunities pertaining to K-12 teachers; and issues concerning special education, multicultural education, and other diversity issues.

REA 560 Techniques and Skills in Reading

This course presents an overview of skills and techniques necessary to teach reading in the elementary grades. Such practical skills as phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and management will be addressed and examined in the course, as well as developing a working knowledge of lesson planning and development.

EDT 574 Computer-Based Instructional Technologies

This course focuses on the principles of computer operations with special emphasis on applications in computer aided instruction and educational administration.

Elementary Education Concentration Courses

EDU 504 Elementary School Curriculum

This course focuses on the principles of curriculum organization, materials, and procedures in the elementary school.

EDU 542 Seminar: Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School

This course is an examination of the current research dealing with techniques of teaching mathematics in elementary grades. Prerequisite: EDU 375

EDU 543 Seminar: Social Studies in the Elementary School

This course examines current research dealing with techniques of teaching social studies in elementary grades.

EDU 544 Seminar: Teaching Science in the Elementary School

This course involves a critical study of the primary and intermediate grades science instructional programs. Special emphasis is placed on the appraisal of appropriate teaching practices and the analysis of curriculum content. Prerequisite: EDU 377

EDU 545 Literature for Children

This course focuses on a study of children’s books and strategies to incorporate these materials into the elementary school curriculum. Designed for teachers in the elementary school (grades K-6).

EDU 548 Seminar: Language Arts in the Elementary School

This course examines current research dealing with techniques of teaching language arts in elementary grades.