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First name Last name Phone Title Department Email Location
Aaron Horton 604-8102 Professor History/Political Science 201 GW Trenholm Hall
Abbey Leibold 604-9138 Program Assistant CSTEM Life Science
Acquanetta McCants-Pinkard 604-9064 Director Trio Programs 109 McGehee Hall
Adan Vazquez 229-8527 Assistant Professor Prosthetics and Orthotics P&O Lab
Adarsh Kakar 604-8380 Asst Prof/Act/Fin/Mkt & Cis Computer Info. Sys COBA
Adonis Gonzalez-Matos 604-9190 Assistant Professor Dept Of Music 209 Tullibody Hall
Alan Ashley 229-4717 Police Officer Public Safety 1452 Carter Hill Rd
Alana Norman 604-8010 Instructor of Criminal Justice Sociology/Criminal Justice 122 Paterson Hall
Alana Taylor 604-9173 Assistant Professor Visual Arts 211 Fine Arts
Albert Calhoun 604-8475 Director Academy of Excellence for Research & eLearning (AEReL) 314 Councill Hall
Alecia Hoffman 604-9116 Professor History/Political Science 211 GW Trenholm Hall
Alethea Hampton 604-8357 Associate Professor College of Education 423 Abernathy Hall
Alex Jackson 604-8208 Assistant Football Coach Athletics Football Complex
Alexandra Johnson 229-4408 Custodian Custodial Services Physical Plant
Alice Zeigler 604-8341 Partner Coordinator GEAR UP/Academic Affairs 111 Abernathy Hall
Almut Haboeck 604-8335 Senior eLearning Designer Division of Online Education and Programs 322 Abernathy Hall
Alondrea Pritchett 229-4737 Asso VP Bus & Fin/Comptroller Comptroller's Office 128 Councill Hall
Amanda Lilly 229-4467 Senior Secretary Biological Sciences 203 Life Science Building
Amanda Lightfoot 229-4717 Public Safety Dispatcher Public Safety 1452 Carter Hill Rd
Amber Grace 604-9324 Lab Manager College of Science Math &Technology 202 Life Science
Amy Miller 229-7699 Dir of Teacher(Ed)Certification College Of Education 207 Abernathy Hall
Andre Pope 604-8213 Safeties Coach Athletics Football Complex
Andrea Rogers-Mosley 229-4138 Director Small Business Development Center 101 COBA
Andrea Lewis 229-4666 Senior Budget Analyst Budget Office 316 Councill Hall
Andrew Chatmon 229-7626 Bowling Coach Women's Bowling 224W Acadome
Angel Tolen 229-4197 Cashier Cashier's Office Hardy Center
Angela Davis 229-5612 Professor Occupational Therapy 211 Buskey Building
Angelica Evans 604-9185 English Instructor Advancement Studies 147 Patterson Hall
Angelika White 229-6985 Accounts Payable Specialist Accounts Payable 226 Councill Hall
Angelle Gawrys 229-4737 Administrative Secretary Comptroller's Office 128 Councill Hall