Activity Scholarship Awards are designed to supplement the cost of your education. However, its greater goal is the enhancement and enrichment of the student. It affords an opportunity for the student to gain valuable experience in all aspects of theatre.

In order to maximize the educational benefit from the Theatre Arts Department, Activity Scholarship Award recipients must actively participate in all departmental activities. You are our ambassadors, and as ambassadors we expect you to be heavily involved in the department and to perform above and beyond the minimum standard. This expectation and involvement will be a factor in the faculty’s decision of whether or not to continue a student’s scholarship.


Again, please note that this is an ACTIVITY SCHOLARSHIP, meaning we expect full participation above and beyond your requisite class expectations and co-curricular departmental activities for the Fall and Spring semesters.


Scholarship eligibility will be evaluated based on a point system. Failure to meet the requirements will result in a warning, reduction, or complete withdrawal of your Activity Scholarship offer.


· Minimum 2.75 G.P.A. This is the College of Visual and Performing Arts standard

· Must pass each theatre and/or dance class each semester with a C or better

· Satisfactory academic progress in all classes each semester - You are expected to complete all coursework including tests, quizzes, and projects regardless of co-curricular activities.

· Regular and consistent attendance in all classes each semester - No excessive absenteeism whether excused or unexcused.

· Consistent activity in the Department of Theatre Arts - You must fulfil all assigned and or required responsibilities.

· Beginning of the year, midterm, and end of year check-in - You are responsible for checking in with your assigned faculty/staff member. They will track your progress and must sign off on your activities.

· Full endorsement of all faculty members - Each faculty member must be able to positively affirm your actions and encounters with them.

· One Main stage show Strike - Full participation in the dismantling of an assigned area is required. Faculty/staff must sign off on your activity. You may only be released from the strike by supervising faculty/staff.

· Point System - You must accumulate a minimum of 70 out of 100 points each semester to maintain your scholarship. Failure to meet the Activity Scholarship Award requirements will result in a warning which may result in a scholarship reduction to take effect in the Fall of the next academic year. If there is a total loss of a scholarship, you may re-apply in the Spring of the next academic year. Please note that in the event of a violation of the ASU Zero Tolerance Policy, the scholarship award will be immediately withdrawn.

· Warnings  - A warning will be issued in writing when you fail to meet Activity Award Scholarship expectations.

· Withdrawal from the University will result in a complete loss of scholarship. In the case of prolonged health issues resulting in withdrawal from the University, your scholarship award will be reviewed to determine current and future eligibility. THE SCHOLARSHIP AGREEMENT WILL ALSO FOLLOW THE ASU PILOT STUDENT HANDBOOK POLICIES CITED BELOW:

· Satisfactory personal conduct and good standing within the Department  - “Students will conduct themselves with propriety, conforming to the high standards of the University, and respect the rights and opinions of others. They are expected to comply with the University’s policies, regulations, and rules, such as visitation policies of the residence halls, academic regulations, drug possession and use policy, pledging and hazing policy, alcohol policy, missing property policy, search and seizure policy, disruptive behavior policy, weapons policy, illegal possession or unauthorized use of keys policy.”… “Students are expected to conform to recognized University standards of conduct, behave with decency, and dress appropriately while on and off-campus and in academic settings, social events, extracurricular activities, and other public functions.”…” Integrity must be practiced in all endeavors and relationships on and off-campus. Students found to be dishonest and indulging in acts of serious misconduct including cheating on tests and examinations, plagiarism, alteration or misuse of college documents, records or identification cards, forgery, misrepresentation, unauthorized use of another’s property, lying, fighting, theft, or receiving stolen goods will be subject to dismissal from Alabama State University. Students must refrain from using four-letter words and other obscenities that are not accepted standards of decency at Alabama State University to parents, students, visitors, professional staff, and others.” Please refer to page 59 of the Pilot Student Handbook for a complete statement.

· Zero Tolerance - “means the University prohibits all illegal and unauthorized possession and/or use of weapons or drugs and/or fighting/assault and battery that directly contributes to the emotional or physical detriment of University personnel or enrolled students. The Zero Tolerance Policy is effective as it relates to on-campus activities and University-sponsored off-campus activities. Any student found responsible for violating a Zero Tolerance Policy may receive the maximum sanction of suspension or expulsion from the University. Students who violate the Zero Tolerance Policy may be summarily (temporarily) suspended pending a hearing”. Please refer to page 61 of the Pilot Student Handbook for a complete statement.

 · Alcohol Policy - “Although the legal drinking age in Alabama is 21, University regulations prohibit any student from possessing or consuming alcohol in the residence halls, dining hall, at student functions and at off-campus University-sponsored or supervised functions, regardless of age. Any student found responsible for violating this policy will be subject to University disciplinary and/or criminal action”. Please refer to page 61 of the Pilot Student Handbook for a complete statement.

 · Drugs and Alcohol - “Alabama State University does not allow the possession, sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages by students on its campus. The same policy applies to illegal drugs. Violation of this policy will lead to disciplinary and legal action up to and including dismissal from the University and/or arrest and imprisonment”. Please refer to page 49 of the Pilot Student Handbook for complete statement.

· Weapons - “The University does not allow the discharge of firearms on its campus. Further, it does not allow the possession or use of firearms, look-alike firearms, weapons, explosives or devices commonly intended to be used as weapons. Violation of this policy will lead to disciplinary and legal action up to and including dismissal from the University and/or arrest and imprisonment”. Please refer to page 49 of the Pilot Student Handbook for a complete statement.

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