Dramatic Guild Mainstage Auditions

  1. Annual auditions are held each fall at the beginning of the semester.  
  2. All majors are required to audition, regardless of his/her concentration/focus area.  

a.         YES, design/techs audition too!  

  1. Spring auditions may be held at the discretion of the project director.  
  2. One Act Play Festival Auditions are held in the Spring; all performance majors are required to audition unless exempted by the Department Chair.
  3. Upon arriving at the auditions, the student will fill out a form listing information such as name, telephone, address as well as past experience, special abilities, and backstage jobs sought. 
  4. Everyone will receive a number and will audition in that order.
  5. All audition pieces should be slated. 

a.         Your audition will be limited to three minutes. 

  1. A resume/headshot is expected for performance majors; resume for all others.  
  2. Call-backs will be held at the discretion of the project’s director…CHECK THE CALL BOARD!

Dance Auditions

  1. Participate in auditions held each semester.  
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, candidates will be instructed in ballet, modern, and/or African dance and then demonstrate the choreography. 
  3. A resume/headshot is expected. 
  4. Please dress in appropriate dance attire. 


  1. CAST LIST will be posted on the CALL BOARD as determined by the project’s director.
  2. Talent is not the only consideration: cooperation, dependability, creativity, intellectual understanding, physical suitability, psychological suitability, emotional maturity, and many other factors are involved. 
  3. Those who are not cast are urged to get involved by working in the technical areas and to audition again for the next production.
  4. A student is more likely to be cast in future productions if he or she becomes known as a dependable and responsible worker. 


  1. Shows are frequently double-cast so as to provide as many performance opportunities as possible.
  2. Frequently principal roles may also have understudies. However, understudies will not be able to perform during the main production run unless indicated in advance by the Department Chair.


  • To accept a role, you must sign the “Cast Contract” which may be obtained from the director.  

If this is not done within two days of posting, the director will assume that the student is not interested and the role will be recast.