Who is eligible for a music scholarship?

Competitive music scholarship awards are available to entering freshmen and transfer students. Scholarships are awarded only to undergraduate students.

Types of Scholarships

There are two types of music scholarships available at ASU:

  • Department of Music (music majors only) – Performance
  • Ensemble – Bands and Choirs

All music scholarship applications will be judged in the following two areas:

  • Academic (GPA, ACT or SAT scores)
  • Performance

Department of Music Scholarship

Only music majors are eligible for this award. Contact the person of interest listed below for an application for admission to the Music Department and to schedule an audition.

Ensemble Participation Scholarship

Ensemble awards are open to all ASU students. The student must audition with the ensemble director. Contact the person of interest listed below to schedule an audition.

How to Apply

Contact the appropriate faculty member listed above to schedule an audition or contact the music office (334-229-4341) to find out what materials will be required for your audition. In person auditions are recommended but a video audition may be accepted if arranged with the appropriate faculty member in advance.

For additional information about other sources of music scholarship funds, visit