Music Faculty and Staff


Dr. Cordelia Anderson, Associate Professor
Voice, Diction, Vocal Pedagogy, Voice Class, Graduate Faculty
Music Building 221, 334-604-9179,

Mr. Isaac Bell, Instructor
Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Combo, Low Brass
Music Building 105; 334-604-9177;

Dr. Shane Colquhoun, Assistant Professor
Music Technology, Fundamentals, Marching Band Techniques, Conducting
Music Building 315; 334-604-8447; 

Dr. Adonis Gonzalez, Associate Professor
Piano, Keyboard Class, Piano Pedagogy, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Graduate Faculty
Music Building 202; 334-604-9190;

Mr. Tyrone Hayes, Instructor
Applied Voice, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Opera Workshop, Voice Class, Fundamentals
Music Building 214; 334-604-9305;

Dr. Jonathan Houghtling, Assistant Professor
Trombone, Euphonium, Music Theory, Aural Skills
Music Building 301; 334-604-8415;

Dr. Carly Johnson, Chair, Professor
Trumpet, Brass Ensemble, Graduate Faculty
Music Building 411; 334-229-4340;

Dr. Brenda Luchsinger, Associate Professor
French Horn, Fundamentals, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Brass Methods, Graduate Faculty
Music Building 302; 334-604-9140

Dr. Katrina Phillips, Assistant Professor
Clarinet, Music Appreciation, Music History and Literature, Graduate Faculty
Music Building 303; 334-604-8201;

Dr. Kristofer Sanchack, Assistant Professor
Director of Choirs, Keyboard, Conducting
Music Building 319; 334-604-8417;

Dr. Michael Westmoreland, Assistant Professor
Director of Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band, Woodwinds, Conducting
Music Building 411; 334-604-9306;

Dr. Jessica Williams, Instructor
Percussion, Percussion Ensemble, Percussion Methods
Music Building 402; 334-604-8414;

Dr. Michael S. Zelenak, Associate Professor
Coordinator of Music Education, Elementary and Secondary School Music Methods, Graduate Faculty
Music Building 208; 334-604-9187;


Mrs. Relena Ruffin, Administrative Assistant 
Music Building 103; 334-229-4341; 

Dr. James Oliver, Director of Bands
Marching Band, Pep Band
Music Building 109; 334-229-4349;

Mr. Ronald Handy, Music Media Technician 
Music Building 201; 334-229-4347;

Dr. Ernest Harris, Band Technician and Band Assistant 
Music Building 107; 334-229-4348;

Mrs. Marcelle J. Glenn, Marching Band Secretary
Music Building 104; 334-229-4289;


Dr. Michael Covington, Music Appreciation

Mr. Corey Galloway,  Applied VoiceMusic Appreciation

Dr. Joel Jones, Instrumental Accompanist

Mr. Tom Yan, Tuba

Mr. Shawn Mitchell, Trumpet, Music Appreciation

Dr. Joseph Ortiguera, Violin, String Methods, Music Appreciation

Dr. Bryan Reeves, Trumpet