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Honor Choir Festival

20th Annual Honor Choir Festival

February 17-19, 2022

Honor Choir Application Form (Online Application)

Thank you for your interest in the Alabama State University Honor Choir Festival. The purpose of the Honor Choir Festival is to recognize the outstanding achievements of high school (9th-12th grade) musicians, to serve as an outreach for the further promotion of choral music, and to introduce students to all that Alabama State University offers in the area of Music. The festival week will include a welcome concert featuring Alabama State University vocal majors and vocal ensembles, vocal master-classes given by ASU applied voice faculty, and a Grand Finale Concert given by the festival participants. Interested students should use the link above to submit an online application. Choir Directors and selected students will be notified of their acceptance via email by February 1st, at which time, a detailed information packet will be sent, including the complete festival schedule and housing options for out of town students.There will be a participation fee of $39 per student, which is payable when students arrive on campus for the festival.

In addition to providing this unique honor band performance opportunity, we also use the weekend to evaluate and audition 12th grade students who have expressed interest in attending ASU as music majors (Music Education or Music Performance). Students interested in auditioning for a scholarship, should prepare a song from the Twenty-four Italian Songs and Arias, or a published African-American Negro Spiritual (sample composers: Harry T. Burleigh, Hall Johnson, Magaret Bonds, etc.) or an American Art Song or hymn. Popular music (gospel, etc.) is not appropriate for these scholarship auditions. We at ASU are very excited to work with the wonderful students who attend Honor Choir, and we look forward to providing a musically rewarding experience for all involved. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the weekend.

Dr. Kristofer Sanchack, Coordinator
Alabama State University
Department of Music
(334) 604-8417