Wellness & Safety


Many different factors contribute to your academic success in college. At Alabama State University, we know that a safe campus environment and quality physical and mental health services are among the most important of those factors.

You’ll find a number of services at ASU designed to foster safety, as well as physical and mental well being for our students. Explore:

Student Health Center

Whether you’re sick, injured or simply need preventive care such as a flu vaccination, ASU’s Student Health Center is available to assist you with your medical needs. The Health Center is open to all enrolled ASU students, and your visits are covered by the student health insurance plan included in your tuition and fees. Learn more.

Fitness Facilities

You don’t need to leave campus to get a good workout and maintain your fitness routine. ASU’s campus features a variety of sports and recreation facilities for students to stay physically fit. All you need to access our fitness facilities is your valid student I.D. Learn more.

Counseling Services

Sometimes the demands of college life can be stressful or overwhelming. When you need someone to talk to or a place to turn for guidance, ASU’s Counseling Center can help. We offer a number of services to help you achieve academic success, as well as personal, social and emotional growth. Learn more.

Campus Police

At ASU, we strive to maintain a safe learning environment for our students, faculty and staff. As part of ASU’s Department of Public Safety, the campus police department provides a number of services to promote a safer campus community, including an escort service for students who need to walk alone on campus at night. Learn more.

Emergencies & Alerts

Whether it’s a severe weather occurrence or an important health or safety notice, we will make every effort to inform you of emergency situations on campus. Typically, we’ll distribute emergency alerts via a number of methods, including emails, automated voice messages and notices on our website. Learn more.