Interpreting Services

Sign Language interpreters are hired by the university to provide accommodations to deaf and hearing-impaired students. They are professionally trained and adhere to a code of ethical and professional standards to interpret all information faithfully. The interpreters on campus can either be college employees or contractors working independently or through a local agency.

Interpreters interpret all spoken information, including lectures and discussions in class, as well as conversations between students and classmates or their instructors. They voice (spoken translation) all that is signed and sign all that is spoken for equal access to the environment and information.

Interpreters do not:

-Participate in classroom activities
-Tutor, counsel or help students with class assignments
-Proctor exams, tests or quizzes when instructor leaves the room
-Discuss a student’s personal information or class performance with instructors
-Interpret inaccessible videos, film or media shown in class (the interpretation of media is not making it accessible)

To request Sign Language interpreters, students must:

-Request an appointment to meet with the sensory services coordinator, follow the process to request accommodations and receive a Student Accommodation Letter to give to instructors
-Register for classes as early as possible during the registration period and provide the sensory services coordinator with a copy of their class schedule as soon as possible (the schedule must include the course number and title, instructor’s name, days the class meets, beginning and ending time, building and room number)
-Immediately notify the sensory services coordinator of any changes in their schedule, such as added or dropped classes, change in section, change in room, etc.

For more information about interpreting services, email Disability Services or call the sensory services coordinator’s direct extension at 334-229-5127.