The Division of Student Affairs is pleased to provide you with this newly revised student handbook — The Pilot. This publication contains a new format and updated information for you, the student, relative to the rules and regulations and the customs and traditions of the University as well as some tips on the “right” way to perform your duties and responsibilities so as to successfully complete your courses of study in four to five years.

The Pilot is a return to the format that was successfully used during the restructuring of the University in the 1960s. This handbook contains information to assist you in understanding the expectations of this University and to prepare you for the world of work. It will also serve as a resource to guide you to successful completion of your college career. It is hoped that this handbook will be used to enhance your appreciation for the history of the University and improve your human relations skills in our global society.

Acknowledgment is also made to the several handbooks that were used in the compilation of this work--the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, 1981-82; The Pilot, 1971-72; the legislative statutes; Montgomery City Council ordinances; and documents from other institutions whose ideas are incorporated in this edition.

As time passes, it is recognized that this handbook will be updated to meet the changing needs of the University and its student body. Members of the faculty, staff, administration and students are encouraged to make recommendations for these changes and improvements to the Office of Student Affairs, McGehee Hall, Room 108, by telephone at (334) 229-4241, or through the student affairs homepage (


The Pilot is the official handbook for students. It contains information that will help students make wise choices and satisfactorily complete their courses of study in a timely manner. This handbook has been developed through the cooperation of faculty, staff, students, committees of the Faculty Senate, the President’s Administrative Council and the Board of Trustees. We acknowledge the use of pertinent papers and other materials of professional organizations, state and federal governmental agencies and publications from other colleges and universities. At the time of this printing, every effort has been made to describe accurately
the services, rules and regulations and pertinent public laws affecting students; however, the University does not assume any responsibility for editorial or printing errors. Alabama State University reserves the right to change the contents of this handbook subject to circumstances or changes in the rules and regulations within the University, changes in the policies of the Board of Trustees and changes in public law. A copy of this handbook is available to each registered student through the Office of Student Affairs, McGehee Hall, Room 108. Questions or comments about The Pilot should be directed to that office. This is not a contractual document.