Physical Sciences Programs

Turn your dream of a future in forensics, medicine, engineering or teaching into reality with a degree from Alabama State University.

When you study chemistry and physics, you study the world. You explore the laws that govern everything from motion to electricity. You discover the elements that make up the world around you. And you learn valuable analytical and problem solving skills.ASU’s physical science programs include coursework and lab experience with some of the region’s best professors, as well as a host of research opportunities and industry seminars.

Forensic Science at ASU

ASU offers two new degrees in Forensic Science programs: a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Chemistry and a Master of Science degree in Forensic Science. Learn more about the Forensic Science Program.

Chemistry at ASU

Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in chemistry.

Chemistry Concentrations

Explore each concentration’s curriculum and courses:

Basic Chemistry
Forensic Science

Minor in Chemistry

Add a minor in chemistry to your biology, physics or other degree. Learn more (.pdf)

Teaching Science

Interested in teaching chemistry or science? Find chemistry education and general science education program in the College of Education.