Physical Sciences Department

The Physical Sciences Department and Forensic Science Program offer Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Biology and a Master of Science degree in Forensic Science.  Additionally, the department supports other majors by offering courses in Physical Science, and Physics.

Chemistry, known as the central science, is essential to the understanding of biological, medical, industrial, economic, and environmental issues. Our departmental curriculum is designed to prepare majors with a thorough foundation in chemistry, so they may successfully pursue advanced degrees in chemistry and related disciplines or start their careers as chemists.

Both undergraduate and graduate programs in our department focus on student development and providing an experimental learning environment whereby students are challenged to become the best versions of themselves. In addition to classroom preparation, our students are encouraged to pursue real world forensic science and applied science experiences via internships or through scientific research, which aim to find answers to real world questions.

The faculty members in the Physical Sciences Department at Alabama State University are dedicated to providing quality teaching, scholarly activities, and service. We aim to provide students with quality, current and comprehensive courses of study.  In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant upon technical skills, it is essential that we provide science instruction in lecture and laboratory environments with the depth, breadth, and rigor to meet this need.

I welcome you into the Physical Sciences Department and Forensic Science Program at Alabama State University.



robert green

  Robert L. Green, Ph.D

  Department Chair of Physical        

  Sciences & Forensic Science         Programs

  Associate Professor of Chemistry

  Robert Hatch Hall RM 242

  915 S. Jackson Street

  Montgomery, AL 36104


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