MS in Forensic Science Student Profiles

2016-2017 Graduate Students

Anthony AsonzeAnthony Asonze

Imo State, Nigeria

Thesis Topic: Environmental effects on cocaine sample in simulated crime scene



Amber HallAmber Hall

Hope Hull, Alabama

Thesis Topic: TBD



Trenisha HolmesTrenisha Holmes

Montgomery, Alabama

Thesis Topic: TBA



Chanell MilesChanell Miles

Union Springs, Alabama

Thesis Topic: TBA



Tina ParkerTina Parker

Montgomery, Alabama

Thesis Topic: Variations of Locard's Principle and the Modification of Forensic Science



Tasia SmithTasia Smith





Recent Graduates


Zahra CampbellZahra Campbell

Tuskegee, Alabama

Thesis Topic: Proteomic analysis of brain tissue changes related post mortem interval

Graduation Date: Spring 2016


Christina DewberryChristina Dewberry

Detroit, Michigan

Thesis Topic: Correlation of apoptosis related thanatotranscriptome to rate of degradation between heart and spleen

Graduation Date: Spring 2016


Asya HammondAsya Hammond

Montgomery, Alabama

Thesis Topic: "Possibility of Postmortem Interval Determination from the Elemental Analysis of Spleen Cadaver Tissue via Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy"

Graduation Date: Spring 2016


Andrea HowardAndrea Howard

Graduation Date: Spring 2016




Diamond KellyDiamond Kelly

St. Louis, Missouri

Thesis Topic: Identification of blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) found on human corpses

Graduation Date: Spring 2016


LaTina Pritchett

Dixons Mills, Alabama

Thesis Topic:

Graduation Date: Spring 2016


Torri ThomasTorri Thomas

Greenwood, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee

Thesis Topic: Identifying CD-14 markers from cadaver soil using Flow Cytometry

Graduation Date: Spring 2016