Faculty and Staff

Dr. Robert GreenDr. Robert L. Green, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chair of Physical Sciences Department
and Forensic Science Programs
Email: rgreen@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-604-9215



Dr. Cleon BarnettDr. Cleon Barnett
Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Physical Sciences
E-mail: cmbarnett@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-229-4466




Dr. Sheree J. FinleyDr. Sheree J. Finley
Instructor of Chemistry 
Department of Physical Sciences
E-mail: sfinley@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-604-8131




Dr. Harvey HouDr. Harvey Hou
Professor of Forensic Science
Department of Physical Sciences
Email: hhou@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-604-9183



Dr. Sapna JainDr. Sapna Jain
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Department of Physical Sciences
E-mail: sjain@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-604-9210





Elijah NyairoElijah Nyairo
Chemistry Instructor, Department of Physical Sciences &
Assoc Director, Center for Nanobiotechnology Research 
E-mail: enyairo@alasu.edu  
Phone: 334-604-8090




Dr. Douglas StroutDr. Douglas Strout
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Physical Sciences
E-mail: dstrout@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-604-8139





Dr. Gulnaz JavanDr. Gulnaz Javan
Associate Professor of Forensic Science
Department of Physical Sciences
Email: gjavan@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-604-8130



Dr. Oswald Tekyi-MensahDr. Oswald Tekyi-Mensah
Professor of Physics
Department of Physical Sciences
Email: tmensah@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-604-9080





Relena Miller Relena Miller
 Administrative Secretary 
 Hatch Hall 314