Department of Physical Sciences

Our department offers Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Biology, Master of Science degree in Forensic Science and supports other departments and majors by offering courses in Physical Science, and Physics.

Chemistry is an active discipline vital to human existence and essential to the understanding of biological, medical, industrial, economic, and environmental issues.

Our forensic science degrees are heavy in the natural sciences. The undergraduate degree offers the ability to double-major in a science thus receiving a B.S in forensic science and a BS in chemistry upon graduation.

Both undergraduate and graduate programs in forensic science place the students into experimental learning situations. Students are involved in real world forensic science and applied science through internships or through scientific research targeting real world questions.

The Alabama State University physical science faculty is committed to quality teaching, scholarly activities, and service. We strives to provide students with quality, current and comprehensive courses of study. In a world that is becoming increasingly more technical and complex, providing science instruction with the depth, breadth, and rigor required to meet this need is of primary importance.

I welcome you into the Department of Physical Sciences of Alabama State University.

Azriel Gorski, Ph.D.