M.S. in Biology


The goals of the M.S. program in biology are to prepare competitive graduates who demonstrate proficiencies as learning outcomes in 1) subject content and specified literacies; 2) ability to conduct original experimental research; 3) technology dexterity, and 4) appropriate pre-professional dispositions. The M.S. program provides diverse course work in biological science and specialized research training in a selected biological science discipline. The average time to graduation is approximately two years. The M.S. track is also used to prepare students who lack the prerequisites for enrollment into a Ph.D. program and is also used as a feeder source for ASU’s Ph.D. in Microbiology. The Graduate Program Director works in cooperation with the department chair, College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CSTEM) Graduate Program Council (GPC), faculty and others on issues relevant to the curriculum, research, and professional development of M.S. in biology students. Activities such as admissions recommendations for new program students, formation of research advisory committees, approval of programs of study, developing and administering comprehensive exams, review of student progress, thesis defense, and other matters are facilitated by the Graduate Program Director.

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