Dissertation Defense & Graduate Seminar

Upon completion of the dissertation work, the major advisor will indicate his/her acceptance of the work and schedule the defense of the dissertation. All members of the advisory committee must agree on the dissertation and its defense. No later than thirty (30) days prior to the proposed date of the defense, the completed notice of the dissertation defense form must be filed with School of Graduate School. The results of the defense must be reported to the Ph.D. Program. The Ph.D. Program will notify the Graduate School regarding satisfactory dissertation defense, and following approval, the student's advisor will schedule the open graduate seminar (dissertation research presentation). It is the responsibility of the student to get with the Coordinator to schedule the day, time and place for the graduate seminar, in consultation with his/her committee. The graduate seminar should be open to all ASU faculty and staff and a notice to that effect should be distributed to ASU community by the Ph.D. coordinator at least two weeks prior to the date of the seminar.