Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program provides part-time, on-campus employment to students with financial need. FWS employment may be awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students during periods of enrollment.

This award, usually made to students in combination with other forms of financial aid, enables them to meet their educational expenses without incurring burdensome indebtedness. The program is also intended to broaden the range of job opportunities for qualified students. Learn more:

FWS Application

Step 1. Apply for Financial Aid
Step 2. Indicate "yes" to Question 28 on step one if interested in Federal Work-Study. FWS funds are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis to students who are eligible for Title IV funds.
Step 3. The priority deadline for Federal Work-Study is February 1, 2018.

FWS Placement

Step 1. Students awarded Federal Work-Study should report to the J. Garrick Hardy Student Center room C2.48 for Federal Work assignments.
Step 2. All first time program participants must provide documents which establish identity and employment eligibility.
Step 3. Federal Work -Study earnings are taxable income, therefore, students must complete the following forms (.pdf) I-9A-4 and W-4
Step 4. Students must also obtain and return a contract which is signed by both the student and supervisor. Students may not work until this process has been completed.


FWS assignments are intended to complement and reinforce educational programs to the maximum extent possible. Students are encouraged to maintain employment positions which can broaden the range of job opportunities. Assignment Worksheets may be downloaded and submitted to the FWS Coordinator to select preferred employment sites.

FWS Payroll

Each FWS student must have a completed time sheet submitted sheet to the Office of Student Financial Aid prior to 5:00 p.m. on the first business day of each month. The time sheets must be submitted to this office to ensure payment according to the pay schedule. FWS students working on campus earn $7.25 per hour. FWS students working Off-campus (community service and American Read Program) earn $9.00 per hour. Federal Work-Study students are paid monthly. Students may pick up payroll checks at the Cashier's Window located on the second floor of the J. Garrick Hardy Student Center.