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ASU Student Graduates from Prestigious 'CORE' Real Estate Program 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

Alabama State University Business Management major, Aaron Peoples, loves real estate, especially if it concerns the corporate sector and the renovation of old office buildings.  

A native of Mount Vernon, Ala., Peoples recently received an honor that will propel him closer to what he calls a “dream job.” Peoples graduated from the prestigious Career Opportunities in Real Estate (CORE) program administered by the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) at the Culverhouse College of Business, located at the University of Alabama. Peoples, an ASU junior, was selected to participate in the program by ASU’s Human Resources department. As an added benefit of the CORE program, he received an internship at one of the state's top commercial real estate companies, Corporate Realty, located in Birmingham.  

"Attending Alabama State University is not only helping me obtain a great education, but it is also getting me wonderful real-life career experience as a graduate of the CORE program. It (ASU) arranged for my internship at one of the best commercial real estate firms in Alabama, which imparted to me additional knowledge that's not found in a textbook, as well as invaluable contacts within the world of commercial real estate," Peoples said. "My interests in commercial real estate include management and marketing. My goal is to also obtain a real estate license that will allow me to use what I have learned in textbooks and at lectures into being a successful real estate practitioner." 


CORE is an eight-module, online credentialing course that includes live and self-guided real estate career content that allows its participants to build skills that are necessary to succeed in the competitive world of real estate, explains Grayson Glaze, who is the executive director of ACRE and helps to oversee the CORE program at UA.  

CORE's website states that students achieving CORE credentials will leave with an overview of the industry that will position them for future studies or entry - level positions. There is no out-of-pocket cost to the accepted applicants who earn a full scholarship (valued at $2,500) to complete the course. The program encourages additional exploration through experiential learning such as job shadowing and internships, which Peoples has done in Birmingham.  


Glaze, who has been the director of the UA program for many years, gave a “thumbs-up" for Aaron Peoples. 

"I believe Aaron is a future star in the commercial real estate arena," said Director Glaze. "He has grit, dedication, scholarship and is a go-getter in everything we desire in a real estate professional." 


Peoples believes that the University has offered him everything he needs to do well in his chosen profession. 

"Alabama State and COBA (The Dr. Percy J. Vaughn College of Business Administration) has put before me all of the tools and scholarly expertise that I need to be a successful real estate professional," Peoples said. "On top of having world-class teachers such as professors Sara Kiser and Kim Smith, I have a dean who cares about his students, Dr. Hingorani. The University builds confidence in its students who take the time to study hard, attend classes and take advantage of the career-building internships, fellowships and programs such as CORE." 

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