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ASU's Mia Williams (photo credit: David Campbell/ASU).

ASU's Continuing Education Division's Aim Enhance Careers, Expands CommUniversity 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

Alabama State University's Division of Continuing Education offers a number of courses and certificate programs with a two-fold goal of advancing its "CommUniversity" outreach deep within the River Region and reaching as many people as possible to help them improve their career opportunities and expand their field of knowledge, explains Mia O. Williams, who serves as the division's director. The Continuing Education facility is strategically located on Commerce Streetwhich ironically was the street once known as the financial heart of the capital city. 

"The Division of Continuing Education is dedicated to supporting Alabama State University's vision in giving to the larger community an ability to better oneself by offering rigorous courses and programs to non and post-traditional learners of varying ages, which includes working professionals, youth, college students and most all individuals who share the goal of seeking personal development or upskilling," Williams said.   


Because of the importance of class size to the potential for learning, Williams said many of ASU’s Continuing Education classes have at least 10 students; however, Williams explained that there are instances when the class size may vary, depending on the program or specific industry needs. 

The forms of learning include degrees that are taught in a traditional manner (in the classroom), virtually (over a computer or cell phone) or a mixture of both (hybrid), depending upon the student's choice.


Williams shared that Continuing Education's mission is to assist in meeting the strategic goals of Alabama State University by extending educational resources and services to the broader community through non-credit educational programs designed to promote lifelong learning. Students also earn industry-recognized credentials to include professional certificates and badges. 

"We aim to forge collaborations through community and education partnerships to enhance personal enrichment and career-professional development so individuals and entities may better themselves or (improve the) workforce," stated ASU's Continuing Education expert. 


ASU's Continuing Education division offers face-to-face daytime classes, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., and evening classes, Monday through Thursday, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. The division’s hybrid, online and weekend courses and programs are offered based on course requirements and instructor scheduling.   

Students are offered structured payment plans to make the courses more affordable. 


Williams is proud that more than traditional learning takes place within the Continuing Education division. 

"ASU’s Division of Continuing Education brings a variety of courses with opportunities that our competitors have yet to offer," exclaimed Williams. "Students may tap into hybrid and online courses in areas such as Drone Technology for adult learners and robotics for youth that provide the community with skills that can be used for fun, as well as for outside of their everyday lives, taught with a schedule that does not interrupt their current responsibilities." 

Register for all courses (online/hybrid/traditional by clicking on this link:      

Questions for staff: 334-229-4686. 

News media contact: Kenneth Mullinax, 334-229-4104. 


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