Graduation and Certification Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Candidates must first submit the graduation application to their academic advisor to verify that all requirements have been met. For a list of departmental specific graduation requirements, please see the various departmental webpages.

Following approval by the department chairperson, applications are submitted to the certification director. The director reviews the applications and informs the appropriate department chairperson if there are any deficiencies. It is your responsibility to clear all deficiencies prior to graduation. If deficiencies cannot be cleared up, the application is rescinded and returned to student. In the event that this occurs, it is your responsibility to request that your graduation fees be applicable to the next semester.

Following review by the certification director, all valid applications are forwarded to the Dean of the College of Education for signature. Upon signage, the applications are sent to Records and Registration so that your name can be placed on the graduation list.

Certification Requirements

Prior to being recommended for a professional teaching certificate from the Alabama State Department of Education, there are several requirements that candidates must fulfill.

  1. A current application for certification must be downloaded from the Alabama State Department of Education website and typed or completed using a black ink pen.
  2. An online payment must be submitted to the Alabama State Department of Education and a copy of the confirmation page must be included in the packet. No money orders will be accepted by the certification office.
  3. The completion of the 4x12 or 32/19, an ALSDE approved checklist, appropriate cumulative, professional studies, and teaching field GPAs, liability insurance, and cleared ABI/FBI background check must be verified by the academic advisor.
  4. Submit a transcript request to Records and Registration at Alabama State University.
  5. Prior certification(s) (if applicable) must be submitted.
  6. Submit the certification application authorization form.
  7. Have APTT—Part I and Praxis II scores electronically submitted to ASU and ALSDE (if candidate does not originally select for the test scores to be sent electronically, he/she will later be charged a fee).
  8. Have official non-ASU transcripts sent to the Certification Office.