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Welcome to the ASU Regional Inservice Center

Greetings Professional Educators,  

Empowering children for the future is the goal of every school.  To do this effectively, we must continuously seek opportunities to learn best practices that are evidenced-based. It is our goal at the Central Alabama Regional Education Inservice to support schools in region 8 with professional learning to achieve this goal. 

Although there are many structures for providing professional learning, high-quality job-embedded professional learning that is aligned with state standards for student academic achievement is noted as most effective in helping students learn, Hirsh, 2009). Other opportunities such as conferences, workshops, Book Study opportunities with follow-up activities are effective. Some of the best job-embedded activities include the following: Action research, peer observation, collaborative lesson planning, analyzing student work, working with a professional network, participating in classroom walk-throughs or instructional rounds, and technology-driven activities for student engagement.  

To continue your professional learning for improved instructional practices, we invite you to seek our services with some of the activities listed.  We thank you in advance for your participation and partnership with the Central Alabama Regional Education Inservice Center.

Evelyn A. Hodge, Ph.D.


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Contact Information

Contact Information

Contact Information

Bertha Allen
AMSTI-WCCS/ASU Interim Director
1801 West Dallas Avenue
Selma, AL 36701 
(334) 407-7334
FAX (334) 876-9334 

Dr. Tracye Strichik
Alabama Department of Education
50 North Ripley Street, Room 3323
Montgomery, AL 36104
WORK: (334) 694-4632

Vanessa Webster
Alabama State University
1625 S. Hall Street, Abernathy Hall, Room 311
Montgomery, AL 36104
WORK: (334) 604-8403
CELL: (334) 377-1761

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