M.S. in Applied Technology

The Master of Science in Applied Technology (MSAT) is an innovative program intended to address the technological needs of the workforce. It is designed to help candidates bridge the technological gap in organizations by providing the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed by technology managers.

MSAT Program Objectives:

  1. Provide advanced coursework and independent research opportunities in the theory and application of applied technology to a broad range of current issues in environmental, urban, economic, business, and social fields.

  2. Develop advanced critical thinking abilities and combine these with a problem-solving proficiency through the application of technology tools and methods.

  3. Prepare candidates for private industry, government, health, and education careers which have been identified by the US Department of Labor as some of the major growth industries for the twenty-first century.

MSAT Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply technical and pedagogical knowledge and skills, reflect on and refine practices, and identify and solve problems in an increasingly diverse, dynamic, and complex technological society.

  2. Model high ethical standards within their personal and professional communities.

  3. Recognize the need for and engage in continuing professional development in technology.

  4. Connect theoretical knowledge, practical applications, and entrepreneurial leadership.

The program prepares candidates to design, implement, and/or manage technology in varied environments such as education, business, health, etc...Topics include instructional design, distance learning, graphic design, information technology, database management, assistive technology, cyber security, legal issues, and networking. Students will complete a total of 33 hours of graduate credit. Courses are offered through traditional face-to-face venues as well as online/eLearning distance education methodologies.


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