M.Ed. Library Education Media

Candidates working towards an M.Ed. in Library Media Education (A level) must complete 30 to 33 hours of course work that includes an internship of 300 clock hours. Internship consists of:

  • 100 hours in an elementary school library.
  • 100 hours in a secondary school library.
  • 100 hours repeating either of the previous levels or in a public library that has a children and youth department.
  • On site supervisors must be certified P-12 Media Specialists.
  • School libraries must be state accredited schools.

A PRAXIS II score is a prerequisite for Internship and  must be equal to or above the State required cut score.

After completing twelve hours the Admission to Candidacy Form must be submitted and approved.

All candidates at the “A” level must take a comprehensive exam after completing course requirements. Prior to application for the COMPS exam two thirds (200 clock hours) of Internship must be completed, documented, submitted, and approved by the LEM faculty.

To remain in good standing candidates must maintain a 3.0 grade point average.

Program Checklist

Instructional Support Areas (15 hours):

  • LEM 500 Literature for Children and Young Adults (3)
  • LEM 508 Collection Development, Organization and Management of Infomation Resources  (3)
  • LEM 511 Communications Technology and Instructional Design (3)
  • LEM 512 Administration of Media Program (3)
  • LEM 519 Reference and Reference Service (3)

Instructional Technology Component (9 hours):

  • EDT 574 Computer Based Instructional Technology (3)
  • EDT 575 Current and Emerging Technology (3)
  • EDT 576 Integration of Technology into the K-12 Curriculum (3)

Survey of Special Education Coursework (0-3 hours):

  • SED 500 The Exceptional Student (0-3)
    Required ONLY if not taken previously as either an undergraduate or graduate student.

Internship (3 hours):  300 hours in approved setting under the supervision of a Certified LEM Specialist.  Prequisite: passing score on PRAXIS II.

  • LEM 520 Internship in Library Media (100 hours)    (1)
  • LEM 521 Internship in Library Media (100 hours)    (1)
  • LEM 522 Internship in Library Media (100 hours)    (1)  or LEM 507 Internship in Library Education Media (1)

Additional Courses (3 hours):

  • Advisor approved electives (3)