Instructional Support Programs



Welcome to the Instructional Support Programs at Alabama State University! We take pride in what we do, and we are honored to serve you.

Make a difference in the school system by providing educational support and leadership to students and teachers. Alabama State University offers graduate, specialist and doctoral programs in instructional leadership, counseling, library media, education policy and law, and applied technology.

Instructional Leadership

Become a school administrator, principal or superintendent---study educational leadership at ASU. Our master and specialist degree programs mix classroom instruction with field study and internships. Learn more:

Counselor Education

Work with parents, teachers and administrators, and help today’s students become tomorrow’s successful adults through curriculum, career and personal counseling. Learn more:


Library Education Media

Librarian, media specialist, curriculum support professional, chief information officer---all of these career paths are open with a degree in library media from ASU. Learn more:

M.S. in Applied Technology

Modern organizations require technological expertise. The Master of Science degree in Applied Technology prepares the students to design, implement, and/or manage technology in varied environments such as education, business, health, the arts... Learn more:

Ed.S. Teacher Leadership

Become a change agent that positively affects your classroom, your school, your community, and the national conversation about educational change. Learn more:

Educational Leadership, Policy and Law (ELPL)

Be a true agent of change in the lives of children and adults in the state of Alabama with this 3-year, doctoral (Ed.D.) program. Learn more:


Faculty and Staff

Dwight L. Varnum, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Law/Instructional Leadership 

Program Coordinator Educational Leadership, Policy and Law Doctoral Program

Dr. Varnum


Juanita Barnett, Ph.D., LPC, NCC

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education

Dr. Juanita Barnett


Ronald Grace, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Instructional Leadership


LaWanda Edwards, Ph.D., NCC 

Professor of Counselor Education

Alethea Fletcher Hampton, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Law


Linda  J. M. Holloway, Ed.D., NCC

Associate Professor of Counselor Education 

Program Coordinator Counselor Education

Linda Holloway


Gwendolyn King, Ph.D.

Professor of Instructional Leadership 

Program Coordinator Instructional Leadership


Kimberly King-Jupiter, Ph.D.

Professor of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Law


Jeane Lee, Ph.D., LPC-S

Associate Professor of Counselor Educator


Kenley Obas, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Applied Technology 

Program Coordinator Applied Technology


Sonya R. Webb, Ed.D. 

Associate Professor of Instructional Leadership

Associate Dean, College of Education



Sonja Harrington-Weston 

Professor of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Law


Eliabeth Morgan 

Administrative Secretary, HPER 


Hannah Jones 

Administrative Secretary, Instructional Support Programs 


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