Instructional Leadership

Alabama State University's Master's Program in Instructional Leadership is designed to prepare candidates as future assistant principals and principals, supervisors, central office personnel, or superintendents for jobs that focus on student achievement. The overall objective of this program is to close the achievement gap in public education.

The Instructional Leadership program consists of a sequence of learning opportunities through embedded field experiences and classroom instruction in a vertical 24-month time frame that explores theory and practice.

Instructional Leadership Vision/Mission Statement

ASU seeks to produce instructional leaders who possess the highest ethical standards and the knowledge, abilities, dispositions and commitment to build and maintain a high quality culture of learning in their schools. Their schools will have teaching and learning as the focal point, and all stakeholders will have high expectations of students. ASU instructional leaders will demonstrate the ability to obtain and manage resources responsibly and ethically and use these resources to create safe, high performance learning environments. Recognizing  that schools are influenced by a larger political, social, economic, and cultural context, ASU’s instructional leaders will learn how to function within this context and will seek to cooperate with all stakeholders to improve social and educational opportunities for the students and families they serve. In that regard, these leaders will be committed to ethical, data-driven decision-making, thus creating schools and school systems that seek to educate all students to become successful adults. They will seek to employ ethical competent faculty and staff who will provide the best services for children. They will emphasize professional development that links improved student learning and teachers’ professional learning. They will seek to provide, promote and implement technologies that can unlock tremendous potential in learners and staff with special and diverse needs and that can help in the smooth management of the school.