Ed.S. in Educational Administration

Program Goal

The goal of the Educational Specialist Program in Educational Administration is to prepare candidates to be educational leaders whether as a classroom teacher or as an administrator. The Educational Specialist degree in Educational Administration leads to the Alabama Class “AA” certification. Individuals interested in this 33-39 hour program must possess a master’s degree from an accredited institution, a class “A” certificate in Educational Administration/Instructional Leadership, and a minimum grade point average of 3.25.

Application forms should be completed and returned to the School of Graduate Studies. Before an applicant can be fully admitted to the program, they must complete and interview with the faculty and do a writing sample. In addition, after 12 hours of coursework, the candidate must apply for candidacy.

Program Requirements

The Educational Specialist Program in Educational Administration includes 33-39 credit hours. Candidates will complete 15 credit hours of core courses, including technology; 6 credit hours of field study research (non thesis option) or thesis research (thesis option) and 18-24 credit hours of Foundations of Education and other supporting courses. The 21 credit hours of core and internship courses are as follows:

ADM 601 – Advanced School Personnel (SP)         

ADM 605 – School-Based Administration (SP)

ADM 675 – Educational Leadership: Superintendent (SU)

ADM 680 – Advanced School Law (F)

ADM 691 – Mentoring in Administration (F)

ADM 698 – Field Study I

ADM 699 – Field Study II

 The course requirements for the Foundations of Education and other supporting courses follow:

 *SED 500  – Exceptional Studies in Inclusive Schools (3)

**EDU 511 – Statistics (3)

**EDU 512 –  Research (3)

**EDU 527 –  Human Development (3) or

**EDU 541 –  Advanced Educational Psychology (3)

   EDU 602 – Intermediate Statistics (3)

   EDU 611 – Advanced Curriculum Development (3)

   EDU 655 – Seminar: Issues & Educational Foundations (3)

**Two Advisor Approved Electives (6), if necessary.

*If not previously taken and passed.
**If not previously taken and passed within an eight year period.


Comprehensive Examination: After the 15 semester hours of core coursework, all candidates must take and pass a comprehensive examination before entering the research phase of the program. During the thesis or field study research phase of the program, candidates are required to be continuously enrolled.