Special Education

The program in the area of Collaborative Teacher leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and Alabama Class “B’’, K-6 and 6-12 certification.

The program is designed to prepare preservice teachers as collaborative teachers to teach and work with students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms and special settings, to handle and cope with behavior problems and to collaborate with other professionals. Students are exposed to and work with children with disabilities in public school classes, special schools and residential settings at all levels from preschool through secondary settings. Other exposure is provided through field trips and involvement in community programs through tutoring and volunteer services.

The College of Education also offers Masters of Education (M.Ed.) for Collaborative Teacher (K-6 and 6-12).


Undergraduate Program (Baccalaureate Degree):

B.S. in Special Education (K-6, 6-12 or P-12)

Graduate Degrees:

Master of Education Degree

M.Ed. in Special Education (K-6, 6-12 or P-12)