Secondary Education


It is assumed that a candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree has made a commitment to the scholarly study of education and to teaching as a career. Secondary education programs include courses in professional education, the teaching fields, and general education.

Candidates should apply to the College of Education for acceptance to a teacher education program no later than the fourth semester of their enrollment at Alabama State University. Upon acceptance to a program, an adviser in Secondary Education will be assigned to assist in designing an acceptable program. The adviser in the College of Education will coordinate the advisement process with the adviser in the teaching fields.

Completion of the program in Secondary Education qualifies the candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree and the Alabama Class “B’’ Secondary Professional Certificate with endorsements in the teaching field(s) for which qualifications have been met.

Candidates seeking certification in other states should seek advisement from the Certification Officer in the College of Education. No general requirement in foreign language applies to the Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Education.


Undergraduate Program (Baccalaureate Degree):

B.S. in Biology Education (6-12)

B.S. in Business Education (6-12)

B.S. in Chemistry Education (6-12)

B.S. in English Language Arts Education  (6-12)

B.S. in General Science Education (6-12)

B.S. in History Education (6-12)

B.S. in Math Education (6-12)

B.S. in Music Education (6-12)

B.S. in Social Science Education (6-12)

Graduate Degrees:

Master of Education Degree

M.Ed. in Biology Education (6-12)

M.Ed. in English Language Arts Education  (6-12)

M.Ed. in History Education  (6-12)

M.Ed. in Math Education  (6-12)

M.Ed. in Music Education  (6-12)

M.Ed. in Reading Education  (6-12)

M.Ed. in Social Science Education  (6-12)

Educational Specialist Degree

Ed.S. in Biology Education (6-12)

Ed.S. in History Education (6-12)

Ed.S. in Math Education (6-12)

Ed.S. in Social Science Education (6-12)