Off-Campus Programs

Alabama State University is a student-centered, nurturing, comprehensive and diverse public historically black University committed to achieving excellence in teaching, research and public service. The University fulfills its mission through fostering critical thought, artistic creativity, professional competence and responsible citizenship in its students; by adding to the body of knowledge to enhance the quality of life through research and discovery; and by helping to advance the state and nation through thoughtful public service. Offering baccalaureate through doctorate degrees, the University maintains a scholarly and creative faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a living atmosphere in which all members of the campus community can work and learn in pleasant and rewarding surroundings. Consistent with its assurance that neither race, gender nor economic status inhibits intelligence, creativity or achievement, ASU offers a bridge to success for those who commit to pursuing the building blocks of development, focus, persistence and reward.


Degree Programs Supported by the Off-Campus Sites 


Certification: A and AA Level
Masters Degree Programs
Class A Certificate and Non-Certificate Programs

Biology Education
Collaborative Teacher K-6
Collaborative Teacher 6-12
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
English/Language Arts
General Counseling (Non Certificate Program)
Health Education
History Education
Instructional Leadership
Library Education Media
Library Education Media (Class A Certificate Only)
Math Education
Music Education Instrumental
Music Education Choral
Physical Education
Reading Specialist
School Counseling
Social Science Education

Online Programs

Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education

Alternative A Masters Degree Programs

Biology Education
Collaborative Education (K-6)
Collaborative Education (6-12)
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
English Language Arts Education
Health Education
History Education
Mathematics Education
Music Education (Choral)
Music Education (Instrumental)
Physical Education
Social Science Education


Class AA Education Specialist and
Class AA Certificate only Programs

Education Administration (Ed.S.)
Instructional Leadership (Ed.S.) (Proposed)
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Biology
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Early Childhood Education
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Elementary Education
Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in History
Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in Library Education Media - Thesis
Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in Library Education Media - Non Thesis
Library Education Media (AA) Certificate Only
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Mathematics Education
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in School Counseling
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in General Counseling - Non Certification
Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in Social Science