Objectives and Activities


 1. Make resources available, including our research-based food safety education training module, developed by a multidisciplinary team of content experts (e.g. food safety curriculum, video, materials…).

2. Increase early childhood teachers and parents’ participation and numbers of hours in food safety education training.

3. Early childhood administrative personnel, teachers, and parents will demonstrate increased knowledge and understanding of effective strategies to teach children about food safety behaviors.

4. Early childhood teachers will more frequently apply and teach food safety behaviors in the classrooms.

5. Children will demonstrate improved food safety practices in the classroom.

6. The risk of the food-borne illness in Alabama will be reduced.


 1. Developing “Teach-to-Others” food safety education training and resources for partnering agencies, early childhood professionals and parents.

2. One-day in-depth, interactive training workshops held at partnering agency locations.

3. Capacity-building to provide, improve or expand services; assisting participants to conduct “Share-the-Training” with their colleagues, clients and parents.