Food Safety Development for Early Childhood Educators


 A collaborative project funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

The USDA Food Safety Project at ASU focuses on research, education and extension activities utilizing a statewide infrastructure to train early childhood educators in food safety education procedures and teaching methodologies. A cooperative effort by several agencies combines a variety of unique strengths for providing a food safety educational training program for teachers and trainers statewide.

Our project uses a multidisciplinary team approach to providing food safety education & curriculum. The project also provides resources and extensive training for early childhood personnel from around the state of Alabama. Training is followed by technical assistance to help participating education and training providers to disseminate information to personnel, parents and children in their own organizations, communities and schools.

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NOTE: Our Lessons-for-Kids and Train-the-Trainer Workshops are not available at this time but may be offered again as funding becomes available. However, our downloadable “Training Manual & Resource Guide” with accompanying power point Food Safety Training and other free materials remain available under “Resources.” Food Safety training and resources may also be available on request through some of our Partnering Agencies.


The aim of this project is to teach young children at childcare centers, elementary schools and Head Start programs around Alabama about basic food safety and illness prevention concepts. Our 20-30 minute lessons focus on hand washing, what germs are and how they are spread, the importance of keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold etc. These lessons are available to children from pre-K through third grade.

It is our goal to reduce the risk of food-borne and other communicable illness in Alabama by teaching young learners the information they need to prevent the spread of germs from hands and surfaces to (and from) food.

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Train-the-Trainer Workshops

We provide early childhood education providers and trainers with a workshop to address proper food safety practices, implementation of food safety into the classroom and home environments, plus techniques for teaching others the importance of proper food safety practices.

Though not affiliated with "Serve Safe," this workshop allows participating child care teams to earn .06 Food Safety CEUs and qualify to apply for a $500 Food Safety Education mini-grant.

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Click here for “Food Safety Segments-Eight Easy Lessons.”

Click here for “It’s Time to Wash Our Hands” coloring and activity pages.

Click here for Food Safety Lesson Plans.

Click here to download our Training Manual and PowerPoint on Food Safety Training.


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