Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

5.4.a Data table on qualifications of professional education faculty

5.4.a Qualifications of Professional Education Faculty.xlsx


5.4.b Data table on qualifications of clinical faculty

5.4.b Qualifications of Clinical Faculty.xlsx


5.4.c Policies and praactives to asure clinical faculty meet unit expectations

5.4.c.1 Field and Clinical Handbook.docx

5.4.c.2 Evaluation of Clinical Faculty (Teacher Education).pdf


5.4.d Policies, expectations, and samples of faculty scholarly activities

5.4.d.1 Policies and Expectations of Faculty Scholarly Activities (Faculty Handbook).docx

5.4.d.2 Summary of Scholarly Activities.docx

5.4.d.3 Samples of Scholarly Activities.docx


5.4.e Summary of faculty service and collaborative activities in schools

5.4.e College of Education Grants.docx

5.4.e Faculty Service and Collaborative Activities.docx

5.4.e Summary of Faculty Service and Collaborative Activities.docx


5.4.f Policies, procedures and practices for faculty evaluation and summaries of the results in areas of teaching, scholarship, and service

5.4.f.1 Policies and Procedures for Faculty Evaluation (HR Manual).pdf

5.4.f.2 A System of Faculty Evaluation for the Improvement of Faculty Performance.pdf

5.4.f.3 Tenure and Promotion Summary.xlsx

5.4.f.4 Student Course Evaluation.pdf


5.4.g Policies, procedures, and practices for professional development and summaries of the results

5.4.g.1 Policies and Procedures for Professional Development (HR Manual).pdf

5.4.g.2 Summary of Professional Development Activities.docx

5.4.g.3 COE Professional Development Examples.docx

5.4.g.4 2012 Summer Professional Learning.docx

5.4.g.5 2013 Summer Professional Learning.docx

5.4.g.6 NAMI ASU flyer.pdf

5.4.g.7 CIEP Professional Development Examples.docx

5.4.g.7 Office of Academic Planning and Evaluation.docx

5.4.g.8 Assessment 2011 COE Presentation.pdf

5.4.g.8 CIEPS 2013-2014 Faculty-only Workshops Evaluation Summary.docx

5.4.g.9 ORSP Post Conference Grant Wrokshop.pdf

5.4.g.10 HBCU Conference.pdf

5.4.g.10 Promotion and Tenure Process Workshop.pptx

5.4.g.11 College of Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering Research and Activity Symposium 2013.docx