Standard 4: Diversity


4.4.a Aggregate data on proficiencies related to diversity that candidates are expected to demonstrate through working with students from diverse groups in classrooms and schools, including impact on student learning

4.4.a.1 Professional Dispositions Aggregated Data.xlsx

4.4.a.2 Internship Disposition Assessment 2013-2014.xlsx

4.4.a.3 School Counseling Internship Evaluation 2011-2014

4.4.a.4 Instructional Leadership Program Intern 2013-2014.xlsx

4.4.a.5 Libary Media Specialist Intern Evaluation.xlsx

4.4.a.6 School Counseling Internship Portfolio 2013-2014 Data.xlsx

4.4.a.7 Internship Portfolios 2013-2014 Data.xlsx

4.4.a.8 Internship Clinical Experience Observation (CEOI) (EDUCATE AL) Aggregated Data.xlsx

4.4.a.9 Survey for Graduates of ASU Teacher Eduation Program.docx

4.4.a.10 Graduate (Alumni) Survey Results 2013-2014.docx


4.4.b Curriculum components and experiences that address diversity proficiencies

4.4.b Curriculum Components and Experiences that Address Diversity Proficiencies.xlsx


4.4.c Assessment instruments and scoring guides related to candidates meeting diversity proficiencies, including impact ont student learning.

4.4.c.1 Professional Dispositions Evaluation Rubric.docx

4.4.c.2 Interns Dispositon Assessment Pre Post Form.pdf 

4.4.c.3 School Counseling Programs Internship Evaluation Form.pdf 

4.4.c.4 Instructional Leadership Programs Internship Evaluation Form.pdf

4.4.c.5 Library Media Specialist Programs Internship Evaluation Form.pdf 

4.4.c.6 School Counseling Program Internship Portfolio Rubric.pdf

4.4.c.7 Student Teaching Internship Portfolio Rubric.docx

4.4.c.8 Internship Clinical Experience Observation (CEOI) (EDUCATE AL).pdf

4.4.c.10 Survey for Employers of ASU Teacher Education Graduates.docx 


4.4.d Data table on faculty demographics

4.4.d Faculty Demographics.docx


4.4.e Data table on candidates demographics

4.4.e Candidate Demographics.docx


4.4.f Data table on demographics of P-12 students in schools used for clinical practice

4.4.f Demographics of P-12 Students.xlsx


4.4.g Policies and practices, including good faith  efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse faculty

4.4.g Policies and Procedures for Faculty Evaluation (HR Manual).docx


4.4.h Policies and practices, including good faith  efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse candidates

4.4.h Policies and Procedures for Admission.docx 


4.4.i Policies procedures, and practices that support candidates working with P-12 students from diverse groups

4.4.i.1 Policies, Procedures, and Practices that Support Candidates Working With P-12 Students From Diverse Groups.docx 

4.4.i.2 Autism flier.doc 

4.4.i.3 Behavior Awareness Week.pdf

4.4.i.4 PEER LITE Education Support Initiative Info Poster.pdf 

4.4.i.5 Empowering Disability Awareness.docx

4.4.i.7 Cultural Competency Training.doc

4.4.i.8 AMSTI Flyer Summer 2013.docx

4.4.i.9 ARI_flyer-Fall 2013.doc 

4.4.i.10 CIEP Professional Development Examples.docx 

4.4.i.11 Counselor Education Programs Student Workshops.docx

4.4.i.12 Brown Bag Series.docx

4.4.i.13 ASU Chinese Celebration 2012 PDF.pdf

4.4.i.14 ASU Culture & Occupation Expo 2014 PDF.pdf

4.4.i.16 American Education Week 2013.pdf

4.4.i.18 AFT Conference.docx

4.4.i.19 NAMI ASU Flyer.pdf

4.4.i.22 COE Diversity Forum.docx

4.4.i.23 Student Organization Fair

4.4.i.24 ASAHPERD Conference.pdf

4.4.i.25 National Walking Day.docx

4.4.i.26 Table Etiquette Seminar Flyer 2013.docx

4.4.i.27 Table Etiquette Evaluation Spring 2014.pdf


4.4.j-4.4.s Other supporting Documents

4.4.j.1 Master Syllabus SED 170.doc

4.4.j.2 Master Syllabus SED 500.pdf

4.4.k.1 Montgomery and Local Demographics.xlsx

4.4.l.1 Montgomery County Schools Demographics.xlsx

4.4.m.1 Master Syllabus EDU 485.doc

4.4.m.2 Master Syllabus SED 270~2014.doc

4.4.n.1 Master Syllabus PED 337.doc

4.4.o Diversity Rating System.docx

4.4.p.1 Master Syllabus BUS 385.doc

4.4.p.2 Master Syllabus COU 523.doc

4.4.p.3 Master Syllabus EDU 370.docx

4.4.p.4 Master Syllabus EDU 375.doc

4.4.p.5 Master Syllabus EDU 377.doc

4.4.p.6 Master Syllabus EDU 489.doc

4.4.p.7 Master Syllabus HEA 443.doc

4.4.p.8 Master Syllabus ILP 520.doc

4.4.p.9 Master Syllabus LEM 512.doc

4.4.p.10 Master Syllabus MUE 388.docx

4.4.p.11 Master Syllabus MUE 389.docx

4.4.p.12 Master Syllabus PED 337.doc

4.4.p.13 Master Syllabus REA 559.doc

4.4.p.14 Master Syllabus EDU 488.doc

4.4.q.1 COE Praxis II Task Force.docx

4.4.q.2 Praxis II Workshops Chart (April - July 2011).docx

4.4.q.3 Praxis II Workshop Results (Feb 26, 2011).docx

4.4.r.1 ISP Praxis Remediation and Workshops.pdf

4.4.r.2 C & I and ISP Praxis Workshops 2011.xlsx

4.4.r.3 HPER COE Praxis II Remediation Plan 2013.docx

4.4.s.1 College of Education Service Learning.docx