Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation


2.4.a Description of the unit's assessment system including the rquirements and key assessments used at transition points

2.4.a  Assessment System.pdf


2.4.b Admission criterai and data from key assessments used for entry to programs

2.4.b.1 Admission to TEP Packet.docx

2.4.b.2 Graduate Admission to Candidacy Form.docx

2.4.b.3 Number of Graduates Admitted to Candidacy Data.docx

2.4.b.4 Number of Undergraduates Admitted to TEP.docx

2.4.b.5 COE Undergraduate Candidate Interview Form.docx

2.4.b.6 GPAs for Entry into Programs.xlsx

2.4.b.7 GPAs for Admission to TEP.pdf

2.4.b.8 Dispositions for Admission to TEP 2013-2014.pdf


2.4.c Policies, procedures, and practices for ensuring that key assessments of candidate performance and evaluations of program quality and unit operations are fair, accurate, consistent, and free of bias

2.4.c Unit Operations are Fair, Accurate, Consistent, and Free of Bias 1.docx


2.4.d Policies, procedures, and practices for ensuring that data are regularly collected, complile, aggregated, summarized, analyzed, and used for continuous improvement

2.4.d Data are Used for Continuous Improvement (pp. 24-32).pdf


2.4.e. Policies, procedures, and practices for managing candidate complaints

2.4.e Candidate Greivance Policies and Procedures.docx


2.4.g Examples of signigicant changes made to courses, programs, and the unit in response to data gathered from the assessment system

2.4.g Significant Changes Made to Courses, Programs, and the Unit.pdf

2.4.g.1 Proposal for MSATGraduate Degree Program.pdf

2.4.g.2 Library Education Media SACs.pdf

2.4.g.3 EdS Redesign Plan revised 02 23-12

2.4.g.4 PhD Revised 12-6-12.pdf

2.4.g.5 Psychology ACHE Report.pdf

2.4.g.6 HPER-Coaching Justification.docx

2.4.g.7 C & I Non-Certified Programs..pdf

2.4.g.8 EDU 385 Enrollment.docx

2.4.g.9 PRAXIS Passage Rate 2011-2014.pdf


2.4.h Other supporting documents

2.4.h.1 The Plan.pdf

2.4.h2 Academic Program Review.docx

2.4.h.3 QEP-Manual.pdf

2.4.h.4 QEP Annual Report 2014.pdf