Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge


1.4.a State program review documents and state findings

1.4.a.1 ALSDE Approved Certification Levels.pdf

1.4.a.2 Alabama State Board of Education REsolution for ASU Programs.pdf


1.4.b Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years

1.4.b.Title II Report (ALT A)2013-2014.xls

1.4.b Title II Report (Traditional) 2013-2014.xls

1.4.b Title II Reports (Alternative) 2012-2013.pdf

1.4.b Title II Reports (Tradtitional) 2012-2013.pdf

1.4.b Title II Summary Report (Alternative A) 2009-20012.pdf

1.4.b Title II Summary Report (Traditional) 2009-20012.pd


1.4.c Key assessments and scoring guides use for assessing candidate learning against  professional and state standards as well as proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework

1.4.c.1 Key Assessment and scoring Guides for Assessing Canditate Learning.docx

1.4.c.2 Survey for Graduates of ASU Teacher Education Program.docx

1.4.c.3 Survey for Employers of ASU Teacher Education Graduates.docx

1.4.c..5 Internship Clinical Experience Observation (EDUCATE AL).pdf

1.4.c.6. School Counseling Porgrams Internship Evaluation Form.pdf

1.4.c.7 Instructional Leadership Programs Internship Evaluation Form.pdf

1.4.c..8 Library Media Specialist Programs Internship Evaluation Form.pdf

1.4.c.9 School Counseling Program Internship Portfolio Rubric.pdf

1.4.c.10. Instructional Leadershop Program Internship Portfolio Rubric.pdf

1.4.c.11. Student Teaching Internshop Porffolio Rubric.pdf

1.4.c.12 Interns Disposition Assessment Pre Post Form.pdf


1.4.d Aggregate data on key assessments, including proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework

1.4.d Instructional Leadership Internship 2013-2014.pdf

1.4.d Internship CEOI Aggregated Data.pdf

1.4.d Internship Portfolios 2013-2014.pdf

1.4.d.1 Aggregated Data on Key Assessments.xlsx

1.4.d.2 Internship CEOI Aggregated Data.xls

1.4.d.3 School Counseling Internship Evaluation 2011-2014.xlsx

1.4.d.4 Instructional Leadership Program Intern 2013-2014.xlsx

1.4.d.5 Library Media Specialist Intern Evaluation 2013-2014.xlsx

1.4.d.6 Internship Portfolios 2013-2014.xxlsx

1.4.d.7 School Counseling Internship Portfolio 2013-2014.xlxs

1.4.d.8 Instructional Leadership Internship Portfolio2013-2014.xlsx

1.4.d.9 Library Education Media Internship 2013-2014.pdf

1.4.d.10 Conceptual Framework Mean Scores 2013-2014.xlsx


1.4.e Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing professional dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all students can learn

1.4.e.1 Professional Dispositions Evaluation Rubric 2011-Spr 2012.docx

1.4.e.2  Professional Dispositions Evaluation Rubric Revised 2012.docx

1.4.e.3 Interns Disposition Assessment Pre Post Form.pdf


1.4.f Aggregate data on key assessments of candidates' professional dispositions

1.4.f Internship Dispositions 2013-2014.pdf

1.4.f.1 Professional Dispostions Aggregated Data.xlsx

1.4.f.2. Internship Disposition Assessment 2013-2014.xlsx


1.4.g Examples of candidates' assessment and analysis of P-12 student learning

1.4.g.1 TWS Guidelines Field and Clinical Experiences.docx

1.4.g.2 Candidate's Assessment and Analysis of P-12 Student Learning-Elementary Education.pdf

1.4.g.3  Candidate's Assessment and Analysis of P-12 Student Learning-Health.pdf

1.4.g.4  Candidate's Assessment and Analysis of P-12 Student Learning-History.pdf

1.4.g.5  Candidate's Assessment andAnalysis of P-12 Student Learning-Physical Education.pdf

1.4.g.6  Candidate's Assessment and Analysis of P-12 Student Learning Rubric.pdf


1.4.h Examples of candidates' work

1.4.h Examples of Candidate's Work.docx


1.4.i Aggregate data on follow-up studies of graduates

1.4.i Graduate (Alumni) Survey Results 2013-2014.docx


1.4.j Aggregate data on employer feedback on graduates

1.4.j Employer Survey Results 2013-2014.docx


1.4.k Data collected by state and /or national agencies on performance of educator preparation programs and the effectiveness of their graduates in classrooms an dschools, including student achievement data, when available.

1.4.k ASU EDUCATE Alabama Data Report 2013-2014.pdf


1.4.l-1.4.m Other suppporting documents

1.4.l Faculty with Online Teaching Certification.docx

1.4.m Hybrid and ONline Courses.xls