Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP)


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Welcome to the Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) webpage. I hope that you find it interesting and informative, and that you visit often. We wish you every success in your classroom and look forward to working with you as you pursue your chosen profession

As a beginning teacher you will be provided a support program to assist you in your first years of teaching. In addition, I hope to have some afternoon meetings for all beginning teachers to get together to talk about your experiences. As activities finalize, you will be notified.

You have selected a profession that is rewarding, challenging, and critical as we assist 21st century children develop into productive adults. To be as effective in our careers as possible requires ongoing professional development and support. We are pleased and eager to offer you both! I look forward to meeting and working with you. Please contact us with any questions you have along the way!

Warmest Regards,
Jackie Asberry
Director, BTAP



The Beginning Teachers’ Assistance Program is designed to assist in making the initial years of teaching more prolific and less traumatic for the novice professional. The definitive objective is to assist each beginning teacher to have a successful first year and confirm their commitment to the teaching profession. The BTAP program will provide for ongoing-professional growth, and help bridge the gap between undergraduate knowledge and practical experience.


Program Description

The purposes of the BTAP program are to provide support for beginning teachers; to support content-specific pedagogy that reflects Alabama teaching standards; to emphasize the connections between effective planning, instruction, and student learning; to emphasize the importance of reflection for professional growth;  the use of computer related technology to enhance student learning; and  using data to drive instruction. A distinctive component of the BTAP program is the action research project, which is a process in which BTAP participants examine their own educational practice systematically and carefully, using the techniques of research.

  • Support and enhance the teaching experience of first or second year K-12 classroom teachers
  • Encourage novice  teachers to remain in the education profession
  • Develop an effective mentoring program involving new teachers, surrounding public  school system personnel and university faculty
  •  Collaborating with school systems to offer support for young teachers
  • Establish a seamless connection between the ASU teacher preparation program and the BTAP program in order to enhance the quality of all facets of teacher preparation and induction
  • Establish continuing communication links among new teachers and the BTAP team
  • Meet and exceed state and national standards for beginning teacher preparation expectations
  • Transition—to help transition novice teachers into the classroom and acculturate them to the specific school and district setting in which they will work.
  • Career enhancement—to provide an avenue for leadership, public recognition, and reward for skilled veteran teachers who serve their schools and districts as mentors, professional developers, and/or contributors to curriculum and instructional improvement.
  • Professional development and program innovation—to build capacity for school and district program innovation and to guide local education reform. Develop professional relationships with school systems and faculty to share best practices based on research.
  • Develop professional relationships with university faculty to share best practices based on research
  • Reflect on teaching practice—Cultivate an attitude of continuous improvement through reflection and discussion 
  • Supportive environment—Meet  in a supportive environment where both professional and personal issues can be addressed