criminal justice

Department of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences


Join the Criminal Justice and Social Sciences (CJSS) program that prepares you for your future and emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, social research, geo-informatics inquiries on social and physical environments, communication, and civic duty in all aspects of life.  Find your future in criminology, law, counseling, public administration, social studies, geographic information systems, (GIS) environmental issues, poverty, teaching or social welfare with a degree in criminal justice, minor in sociology, and geography from Alabama State University.


The Department of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences offers curricula designed to provide students with an understanding of and an ability to apply theoretical frameworks and methodological tools for the analysis of (1) the institutions, processes and current practices in the administration of criminal justice (2) culture, social behavior, and social change in micro and macro social structures. The department aims to prepare students for graduate and professional study in criminology, criminal justice, law and related fields and for professional employment in criminal justice, social welfare, education, government and business.


The department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, with concentrations in three areas of specialization: corrections, juvenile justice and law enforcement and criminology. Minor programs are offered in criminal justice, sociology, geography and minor in certificate program in gerontology. The department cooperates with the College of Education in offering a baccalaureate program of study leading to teacher certification in social science. Students majoring in criminal justice are required to take a Major Field Test before they can be recommended for graduation.