Minor in Social Welfare

The Department of Social Work at Alabama State University offers the minor in Social Welfare. This course of study is designed for students who will be future participants in the political arena, on agency boards or employees of organizations and agencies that have social concerns. The minor in social welfare equips students with a framework for analyzing present social welfare policy and programs and skill in formulating and advocating for alternative policies.

View curriculum for ASU’s Social Welfare minor:

Eighteen hours are required for a minor in Social Welfare.
Required Courses 15 Hours

SWK 220 Introduction to Social Work (3)
SWK 356 Social Welfare Policy and Services I (3)
SWK 357 Social Welfare Policy and Services II (3)
SWK 322 Human Behavior and Social Environment I (3)
SWK 323 Human Behavior and Social Environment II (3)
SWK 354 Child Welfare/other approved elective (3)

Elective Course (choose one of following) 3 Hours
SWK 230 Social Work in Health Care Settings (3)
SWK 370 Social Work with the Aged (3)
SWK 455 Social Work with Families (3)


Introduction to Social Work is required before taking any Social Work courses.

Sequential classes must be taken in a numerical order.