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Thank you for visiting the ASU Department of Psychology.  The Department of Psychology offers a bachelor of science in psychology, minor in psychology, and support courses for a variety of disciplines related to the field of psychology.  The undergraduate psychology program at Alabama State University offers students a rigorous core of required courses, a broad selection of speciality courses, opportunities for networking and participating in community service activities, and a variety of research opportunities. We recognise that psychology majors have varied career aspirations, and our goal is to provide each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in his/her chosen career pathway. Our students go on to pursue careers in psychology, education, social work, military, business, counselling, developmental disabilities, and so much more.  Not sure if psychology is the right field for you?  Click here to learn more about the field of psychology.

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We understand that ASU students come from all walks of life.  While we understand that our students are highly dedicated to their academic pursuits, we also recognize that many of our students have other obligations that prevent them from enrolling in traditional classes. Work, family obligations and other life events may make earning your degree in psychology seem unrealistic.  Don't worry, the ASU Department of Psychology has you covered.  All of our classes are offered in both face-to-face and online formats.  You can choose which format works best for you for each class you take.  When you cannot come to us, we will come to you!  All of our online courses offer flexible submission dates for assignments so that you can complete your work at times that are best for you.  Don't let the demands of daily life keep you from the career of your dreams.  ASU's Department of Psychology is here to serve you!

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From small class sizes to curricula tailored to your goals, ASU's Department of Psychology is dedicated to student success.   Students are exposed to the fundamental content of the the field of psychology through hands-on, in-class and out-of-class learning experiences including internships and supervised research opportunities.  Our goal is to assist students in developing the skills needed to succeed in the field of psychology.  To accomplish this, each student is assigned to a psychology faculty member for academic and career advisement.  Learn more about your advisor by clicking here.

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The Department of Psychology is located on the fourth floor of Abernathy Hall.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like more information about the Department of Psychology.  Our office is staffed with friendly professionals who are here to help.

Loretta Hatchett
(334) 229-4853

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PSY 251 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY (3)Scientific psychology and principle of behavior. Designed to provide an understanding of human behavior approached as a natural phenomenon, subject to scientific study. Prerequisite to all further courses in psychology.
PSY 306 INFERENTIAL STATISTICS  (3)This course teaches the computation and interpretation of commonly used data analysis procedures in the behavioral sciences. Acquiring competence in computer-based statistical software programs is emphasized. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 352 THEORIES OF PERSONALITY  (3) The course covers personality theories of historical significance as well as currently accepted theories of personality. Minority and female personality theorists are also included. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 353  ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY (3) This course introduces students to the symptoms, etiology and treatment of various psychopathologies. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 355 SENSATION AND PERCEPTION  (3)This course presents information on the structure and functioning of all sensory modalities with emphasis on the visual system.
PSY 360 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY (3) This course introduces students to the nature of physiological, social, cognitive and psychological change across the life span. Emphasis is placed on childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 365 PSYCHOLOGY OF LEARNING (3) This course focuses on the development and maintenance of operant and classically-conditioned behavior. Classic animal research and current applications are used to explain a variety of theoretical learning concepts.
PSY 370 INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING & ASSESSMENT (3) The course introduces counseling techniques and various assessment tools used in clinical practice. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 371 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY  (3)The central focus of this course is on how the individual tends to respond to social stimuli. Within this context, the course investigates the scientific discipline of social psychology that attempts to understand how the thoughts, beliefs and behavior of individuals are influenced by the presence of others.
PSY 372 HISTORY AND SYSTEMS  (3) This course traces the history of psychology, beginning with the early Greeks through the development of modern psychology. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 374 PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY (3) This course is concerned with the neurological and genetic foundations of behavior. The course includes an overview of the anatomy and physiology of the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as other physiological systems in the human body. The course includes a review of experimental methods utilized in neuroscience as well as current research in the field. Students also study the effects of drug interactions and their effects on behavior. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 375 INTRODUCTION TO DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES (3)This course is an introduction to psychological issues in developmental disabilities with a primary focus on mental retardation and autism. Topics include history, definitions, assessment, biological and psychosocial causes, prevention and intervention, treatment, rights and legal issues, and psychopharmacology.
PSY 376 INTRODUCTION TO PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT (3)This course applies principles of behavior to problems and situations that are common in work organizations. Emphasis is given to staff management in institutions for the mentally retarded and in industrial settings.
PSY 424 GENDER ISSUES IN PSYCHOLOGY (3) The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the growing literature on gender differences in psychological issues such as communication, social behavior, cognitive functioning, emotional development, etc. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 425 HUMAN SEXUALITY (3)This course presents information about the physiological development, structure and functioning of the human reproduction system, sexual disorders and treatments, sexually transmitted diseases and methods of contraception. Prerequisites: PSY 251, PSY 453.
PSY 426 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY (3)This course surveys topics in cognitive psychology including perception, memory, attention, knowledge representation, language and concepts, imagery, problem-solving, reasoning and decision making and cognitive development. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 428 MULTICULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY (3) This course is an introduction to the field of cross-cultural psychology and provides the student with an in-depth examination of how culture and ethnicity influence human behavior and thought. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 430 APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS  (3) This course is concerned with the various techniques used in the field of behavior analysis. The objective of this course is to familiarize the student with the techniques and theories of behavior modification and how to effectively implement a behavior change program. Prerequisite: PSY 251.
PSY 453   (3)This course presents information on methodological issues in psychology, including descriptive research, relational research, between-subject and within-subject experimentation, and factorial designs. Additionally, students will learn to design, conduct and analyze research. Prerequisites: PSY 251, senior standing.
PSY 460 SPECIAL STUDIES IN PSYCHOLOGY  (3) This course is designed to be a first-hand learning experience in a laboratory setting or in a field placement under the close supervision of a faculty member.