Careers in Psychology

Psychology is a wide and varied field that offers a variety of career opportunities.  Wondering what you can do with a bachelors degree in psychology?  Here are some positions commonly obtained by people with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology.

Mental Health/Social Services Area (recommended minors: sociology, social welfare, criminal justice, biology, Spanish, French)


behavior analyst director of volunteer services probation/parole officer
case worker drug/substance abuse counselor program manager
child protection worker employment counselor  rehabilitation advisor
corrections officer family service worker  residential youth counselor
counselor aide  group home coordinator  social service director
day care center supervisor mental health unit manager veterans' advisor


Business Area (recommended minors: public relations, mathematics, English writing, computer science, international business, accounting, finance, management, marketing)


advertising trainee insurance agent personnel worker/administrator
administrative assistant job analyst public information officer
advertising agent loan officer public relations
airline reservations clerk   management trainee sales representative
claims specialist marketing representative small business owner
customer relations marketing researcher store manager
employee counselor media buyer staff training and development
employment counselor occupational analyst  warehouse manager

Other Positions (various other minors may be helpful when combined with
psychology in these fields


affirmative action officer community relations officer  hospital patient service representative
child care worker  congressional aide  newspaper reporter
college admissions counselor director of alumni relations (college) park and recreation director
college admissions recruiter director of fund raising (college) statistical assistant
community recreation worker    technical writer