Minor in Spanish

The Department of Languages and Literatures at Alabama State University offers the minor in Spanish. This minor is ideal for students who wish to develop their studies in Spanish but elect to major in another area.

View curriculum for ASU’s history minor:

Eighteen hours are required for a minor in Spanish.
Required Courses: 12 Hours

FLS 161 Spanish I (3)
FLS 162 Spanish II (3)
FLS 261 Spanish III (3)
FLS 262 Spanish IV (3)

Electives: 9 Hours
Select any two of the following courses (6):

FLS 263 Spanish Conversation and Phonology (3)
FLS 264 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition (3)
FLS 265 Spanish Civilization (3)

Select any of the following courses to complete the credit hour requirements (3):
FLS 362 Survey of Spanish Literature II (3)
FLS 365 Survey of Spanish-American Literature I (3)
FLS 366 Survey of Spanish-American Literature II (3)
Any genre course numbered 300 or above (3)