Minor in French


The Department of Languages and Literatures at Alabama State University offers the minor in French. This minor is ideal for students who wish to develop their studies in French but elect to major in another area.

View curriculum for ASU’s French minor:

Eighteen hours are required for a minor in French.
Required Courses: 15 Hours

FLF 141 French I (3)
FLF 142 French II (3)
FLF 241 French III (3)
FLF 242 French IV (3)
FLF 342 Survey of French Literature II (3)

Electives: 3 Hours
Select any of the following courses:

FLF 341 Survey of French Literature I (3)
FLF 343 Survey of French Literature III (3)
FLF 441 Contemporary French Literature (3)


Note: Students with one or two years of high school