History Faculty

b english

Bertis English
Professor of History
Ph.D., Auburn University

Specialties: American History; Political History; Social History

Office: 110 Paterson Hall
Email: benglish@alasu.ed
Phone: 334-229-4368

j Freedman

Joseph E. Freedman
Professor of History
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Specialties: Schools and Universities; The Arts, the Sciences, and Philosophy at Early Modern Schools and Universities; Archival Theory and Information Management in the Early Modern Period

Office: 306 Abernathy Hall
Email: jfreedman@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-229-5060

derryn moten

Derryn Moten
Professor of History and Acting Chair
Ph.D., University of Iowa

Specialties: American Studies; U.S. History from the Civil War to the Modern Civil Rights Movement; Southern American Culture; American Penology; Law Librarianship

Office: 303 Doctoral Annex
Email: dmoten@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-229-4433

M Estakhr

Mehdi Estakhr
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Specialties: Early Modern History; Religion; East-West Relations from the Greco-Persian to the Ottoman-Habsburg Era.

Office: 200 G. W. Trenholm Hall
Email: mestakhr@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-229-6948

david harmon

David Harmon
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., Emory University

Specialties: Modern American South; Civil Rights Movement; Modern U.S.

Office: 1010 West University
Email: dharmon@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-229-4608

M. Markus

Michael Markus
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

Specialties: Modern Britain; Modern Europe; Early Modern Britain; British Empire

Office: 316 Abernathy Hall
Email: mmarkus@alasu.edu
Office Phone: 334-229-4768

M. Markus

William Harrison Taylor
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., Mississippi State University

Specialties: Colonial and Revolutionary America; Anglo-American Religion; Modern Britain; Social and Intellectual

Office: 305 Abernathy Hall
Email: wtaylor@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-229-8536

M. Markus

Aaron Horton
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Specialties: Modern Germany; Modern East Asia; Modern Britain

Office: 201 G. W. Trenholm Hall
Email: ahorton@alasu.edu
Phone: 334-229-4802



Adjunct Faculty
Joseph Caver
Mahua Gosh
Judy Pennic-Houston 
Dr. Howard Robinson
Craig Rogers