CJSS Faculty & Staff

CJSS Faculty and Staff


Dr. Keith Ray

Title: Associate Professor/Chairperson, Criminal Justice and Social Sciences

Office Phone: (334) 604-9181

Email: kray@alasu.edu

Office Location: Hatch Hall, 248



Arthur Baylor








Mr. A.D. Baylor

Title: Instructor of Criminal Justice

Office Phone: (334) 604-8037

Email: abaylor@alasu.edu

Office Location: Paterson Hall, Room 122



Gerald Bennett










Dr. Gerald Bennett

Title: Professor of Sociology

Office Phone: 

Email:  gbennett@alasu.edu

Office Location:  



Dr. Dotremon







Dr. Delilah Dotremon

Title: Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology

Education: Ph.D., University of Florida, J.D. Florida State University, M.S., Sam Houston State University, and B.S., Texas Woman’s University.

Bio: Dr. Delilah Dotremon is a full Professor of both Criminal Justice and Sociology at Alabama State University. She has numerous peer reviewed publications in Regional, National, and International Journals. Her areas of specialty include Drug Use Among African-Americans, The Treatment of State Correctional Inmates, Domestic Violence Among Minority Women, and she has a keen interest in the Slavery Laws of Louisiana, both before and after statehood. At ASU, Dr. Dotremon is the Sponsor of the Criminal Justice Club and the Pre-Law Society.

Specializations: Criminal Law, the Courts,  Criminology, Statistics, Corrections, Drugs & Drug Abuse, Domestic Violence, Marriage & the Family, Gerontology, and Stratification.

Office Phone: (334) 604-8129

Email: ddotremon@alasu.edu

Office Location: Hatch Hall 250



Brenda Gill










Dr. Brenda Gill

Title:  Professor of Sociology/ Associate Dean, CLASS

Office Phone:  334-604-9182

Email:  bgill@alasu.edu

Office Location: Paterson Hall, Room 215



Dr. Jesse McKinnon

Title: Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office Phone: 334-604-9005

Email: jmckinnon@alasu.edu

Office Location: Paterson Hall, Room 321



black lady

Ms. Alana N. Williams aka "Officer Williams"

Title: Instructor of Criminal Justice

Education: M.S. Faulkner University and B.S. Alabama State University

Bio: With more than 12 years of experience in the criminal justice system, Ms. Williams specializes in law enforcement and investigations. She has also been a criminal justice instructor at her alma mater, Alabama State University since 2013.  Her educational background consists of a M.S. in Criminal Justice from Faulkner University and a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Alabama State University.  She is an International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST)  National Certified Instructor, which allows her to teach at police academies throughout the United States. Ms. Williams also possesses an Instructor Development Certification from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and she is a licensed Alabama Private Investigator and a Certified EEO Investigator.

Although born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ms. Williams has called Montgomery, Alabama, her home for many years. 

Specializations: Law Enforcement, Investigations, Police and Community Relations, to include Autism Awareness Training, EEO (Title VII), Implicit Bias, Ethics, and Private Investigation

Office Phone: (334) 604-8010.  Leave a voicemail if there is no answer

Other Phone: n/a

Email: ANwilliams@alasu.edu * (Best Contact)

Office Location: Paterson Hall Room 122-B


Headshot of Ms. Lacretia Williams

Ms. LaCretia L. Williams  

Title: Instructor of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Education: M.S. Auburn University and B.S. Alabama State University

Bio: With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Education, Ms. Williams specializes in families and social behaviors. She has been an Instructor of Sociology at her alma mater, Alabama State University, since 2013.  Her educational background consists of an M.S. in Rural Sociology from Auburn University and a B.A, in Sociology from Alabama State University.  She is a member of the Alabama Mississippi Sociological Association where she served as the secretary for two years.  She is a member of The Association of Black Sociologists, and a charter member of the National Council of Negro Women Montgomery Alabama Capitol Section (NCNW) (MAC), which allows her to be of service to various communities within the Alabama River Region.

Born and raised in Union Springs, Alabama Ms. Williams has called Prattville Alabama, her home for many years. 

Office Phone: (334) 604-8093.  Leave a voicemail if there is no answer

Other Phone: n/a

Email: lawilliams@alasu.edu * (Best Contact)

Office Location: 


Headshot of Ms. Miranda O'Brien

Ms. Miranda O'Brien

Title: Administrative Secretary of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Office Phone: 334-604-8017

Email: mobrien@alasu.edu

Office Location: Patterson Hall, Rm 122



Adjunct Faculty

Dr. LaShawnda Alexander: lalexander@alasu.edu

Dr. Katrice Crawford: kcrawford@alasu.edu

Mr. Michael Provitt: mprovitt@alasu.edu

Mr. Ashley Roseboro: adroseboro@alasu.edu

Mr. Larry Turner: lturner@alasu.edu

Dr. Gregory Wilson: gwilson@alasu.edu

Ms. Lynda Woods: lywoods@alasu.edu


If you need further contact information for adjunct faculty, please visit Paterson Hall, Room 122 or call (334) 604-8017 for assistance.