B.A. in Communications - Recording Technology Curriculum


(Leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Media)

Core Curriculum I – IV (42 Hours)

Preprofessional, Major and Elective Courses (21 Hours)
CMM 211 Introduction to Mass Communications (3)
CMM 212 Beginning Newswriting (3)
CIS 205 Introduction to Computer Information Systems (3)
CIS 210 Introduction to Computer Systems (3)
CMS 200 Voice and Diction (3)

Restricted Electives (9 Hours)
Restricted electives must be chosen in consultation with major adviser.

Recording Technology (30 Hours)
CRT245 Advanced Recording for Audio Engineers (3)
CRT223 Musicianship for Audio Engineers (3)
CRT324 Advanced Musicianship for Audio Engineers (3)
CRT244 Basic Recording for Audio Engineers (3)
CRT338 Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Theory and Applications (3)
CRT339 Audio Production (3)
CRI 241 Survey of the Recording Industry (3)
CRT342 Songwriting (3)
CRT343 Arranging (3)
CRT397 Sound Reinforcement (2)
CRT499 Senior CD Project (1)

Minor Elective Courses (18 Hours)
CRT students will take CMM 402, CMM 404, CMM 330, CMM 423, CMM 424, CRT242, CRT310, CRT415 and CRT416 as part of this requirement.

Foreign Language (6 Hours)
Choose one language, either French or Spanish.