College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences



The second-oldest and largest academic unit at Alabama State University, the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS) is guided by Dr. Kathaleen Amende, Dean. She leads an experienced and dynamic faculty of educators and researchers who are ready to serve as your instructors and mentors. As a CLASS student, you will benefit from cutting-edge knowledge, the latest research technologies, and hands-on applied experiences.

CLASS graduates will have the skills and tools needed to impact the local, national, and global world because they become experts at reading, writing, analysis, research, and cultural understanding. Graduates who can excel in such things are in high demand in education, political leadership, businesses, and graduate/law schools. In CLASS, we believe that our students will lead the world into the future, and we intend to prepare them to do just that.

The College offers undergraduate degrees in Communications, Criminal Justice, English, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Social Work. We also offer a variety of minors in the above fields as well as in Sociology and a number of interdisciplinary minors including African-American Studies, Legal Studies and Film Studies. 

Welcome to the College. We hope to be of assistance in guiding you to your educational and professional future.