RCAS Call for Papers

Call for Papers


RCAS 2021 Symposium Call for Papers


Symposium Theme:

2020: The Good and the Bad


Proposal Submission form: https://forms.gle/w5EymAMv7Sr2kM8X7


The Alabama State University College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences invites proposals for the 2021 Research and Creative Activity Virtual Symposium, 2020: The Good and the Bad. The virtual project format addresses the needs for both safety and community. Twenty-twenty impacted us profoundly. Through the topics and the medium, this year’s RCA Virtual Symposium seeks to explore and honor that breadth and depth of our 2020 experience.


The 2021 RCA Virtual Symposium will consist of a curated selection of video presentations, including conference papers and creative performances such as research papers, stories, poems, workshops, dance and music recitals, and other relevant contributions.


Suggested topics for 2020: The Good and Bad:


  • Politics
  • Economy
  • Health and Fitness
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Entertainment (e.g., music, dance, television, and films)
  • [Interdisciplinary] Responses to change, challenge, stress, crisis
  • Social Issues ( e.g., drugs, domestic violence, depression, crime, and poverty)
  • Environmentalism (e.g., reduced pollution from quarantines; increased fires, hurricanes, typhoons, mudslides, and droughts from global warming)
  • Journalism
  • Demographic shifts and impacts
  • COVID and the Black Lives Matter movement, impact/influence on people of color
  • Work, Leisure, Sleep (impact on, changes, etc.)
  • Psychology, Relationships


Important Deadlines

  • Proposal Submissions: March 15, 2021
  • Proposal Acceptances: April 15, 2021
  • Participant Video Submissions: August 15, 2021
  • Virtual Symposium Opening: November 15, 2021


Proposal Submission form:  https://forms.gle/w5EymAMv7Sr2kM8X7

Address questions to us at: rcas@alasu.edu. We look forward to working with you.


Guidelines for Proposal:

  • 300-500 words, a clear, succinct description of your work, its purpose and audience.
  • Include your title, topic, and content medium (dance, song, a reading of research or creative work, short film/animation, etc.)
  • Describe the focus of your piece. Explain your thesis (where applicable), its raison d’etre, mood, approach, structure, mission, methodology, shape and direction, etc.