B.A. in English


Get your Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Alabama State University, and arrive at a fuller knowledge of yourself, your literary heritage and your culture.

The major in English, which leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree, requires the completion a series of courses that emphasize both American and British literature. When you graduate from our program, you will be ready to pursue graduate studies in English or enter a variety of professional studies such as law, business management, journalism and other fields requiring a sound preparation in liberal studies.

Students who major in English must complete a minor in a field other than English.


The Department of Languages & Literatures offers the following minor programs in English:

The Department of Languages & Literatures offers the following foreign language minor programs:

Teaching English

Interested in teaching English or language arts? The Department of Languages and Literatures works cooperatively with the College of Education to provide programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in the teacher certification area of English/Language Arts Education.